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Is BG Free? Video Shows Hot Boys BG Released From Prison in 2022 as “B.G. Free” Trends

Hot Boys BG is finally a free man in 2022 after 10 long years in prison. BG was originally sentenced on July 18, 2012 to 14 years in prison for charges including illegal gun possession and tampering with witnesses.

Now that he is free, it would mean he served only 10 years of the sentence due to good behavior. On social media “B.G. Free” is trending worldwide. This is a huge moment in hip-hop history. Take a look at the moment BG was released from prison in 2022.

The happiness from BG’s friends and family in the video says it all in terms of how long they were waiting to see him walk through those doors as a free man. It’s a whole new world out here since he got locked up, but in the same breath he’s probably a whole new person.

It will be interesting to see if BG gets back to making music. Maybe a Hot Boys reunion collaboration with Lil Wayne could be on the horizon, but who knows maybe he lost his passion for rap music.

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