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Akbar V Tape Video Leaks Again After Cardi B Post

The feud between Akbar V and Cardi B has gotten all kinds of nasty with both parties going to extreme lengths to one up each other in terms of disrespect. However, throughout the day it was Cardi B who was able to do the most personal things, some of which she even had to take down herself after realizing the gravity of her tweets. One of those instances involved an intimate video of Akbar V and a man.

Akbar V Tape Video Leaks Again After Cardi B Post

Some time ago an Akbar V tape leaked showing the rapper doing things with a man in bed. In the footage Akbar V was giving oral top to the man in a very passionate manner. Now back at the time it was originally leaked Akbar V was allegedly bragging about her top giving skills, which in hindsight was probably her way of trying to navigate through the anxiety the situation caused her considering she has kids.

During their verbal spar on Twitter Cardi B posted the Akbar V tape again, and was instantly called out by people for taking things too far. Akbar V responded saying “Now my kids have to watch this again Cardi B. You dead wrong for uploading that p**n stuff about me again. You stoop so low, but cool. You just threw me back into anxiety”.

After reading her reaction Cardi B took down her post with the Akbar V Tape, and insinuated she only posted it because she remembers her bragging about it when it was first leaked. Out of respect for her kids she took down the post. Take a look.

Akbar V’s Twitter Account Got Suspended

Amidst the Akbar V tape leaking a second time, she was dealt another unfortunate hand in the situation. Akbar V’s twitter account was suspended allegedly because she posted Offset’s number. Twitter has a policy against posting personal identifying information about someone without their permission.

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