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Is Teejayx6 Broke? Prostitute Exposes Teejayx6 Allegedly Smashing and Dashing in Viral Video

The rapper Teejayx6 is the center of the latest social media controversy after a video emerged of him allegedly attempting to “smash and dash” a prostitute. The woman in the video claims that Teejayx6 had hired her services, but after engaging in intimate activities with her, he didn’t have the money to pay her.

The video went viral on social media and stirred a heated debate as to whether or not the rapper was really broke since he couldn’t afford to pay a prostitute allegedly. Many people took to Twitter to express their opinions on the situation, with some being sympathetic to Teejayx6 and others criticizing him for his actions. Some even suggested that this was not the first time the rapper had pulled such a stunt.

The prostitute in the video was extremely vocal about her claims that Teejayx6 had not paid her for her services, and highlighted the fact that he was trying to evade her after doing the deed. She also seemed to subliminally emphasize that this was not the first time this had happened to her with a particular rapper, insinuating that Teejayx6 may have a history of not paying the women he hires.

Teejayx6 himself has yet to comment on the situation, but people on social media are convinced that he has been exposed as being broke. It’s not clear if this is actually the case, or if he was just trying to avoid paying for the services he hired. Either way, the video has definitely brought to light the issue of safety for women in the adult industry, and the importance of making sure that services are paid for.

Overall, the video of Teejayx6 getting exposed by a prostitute for allegedly smashing and dashing has taken social media by storm. People are still debating whether or not the rapper is actually broke. In this situation there are really no winners, even if he did pay.