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Chrisean Rock’s Smiling Mugshot Trends After Punching Blueface in Face at Arizona Bar Leads to Arrest

Blueface and Chrisean Rock are trending once again, and as per usual it involved an altercation between them. In their past situations Blueface always seemed to be on the receiving end of Chrisean Rock’s wrath, and the same held true in their most recent scuffle.

Chrisean Rock Arrested after Punching Blueface in His Face, and Chrisean Rock’s Smiling Mugshot Goes Viral

Viral video shows the moment Chrisean Rock punched Blueface in his jaw at an Arizona Bar called Whiskey Row. Chrisean Rock got arrested shortly after, but Blueface claims it had nothing to do with her striking him. Based on his account of things after she punched him, she was arrested for trespassing. In most cases that means the bar asked her to leave, and she refused.

Blueface was on recorded saying he did not want to her to go to jail, so he’s probably not phased by the fact she hit him with that haymaker punch. It’s even possible he likes the aggression she shows towards him.

Chrisean Rock’s mugshot went viral, mostly because she was smiling in it.

Image Credit: Scottsdale Arizona Police

Despite how toxic their relationship may seem, this seems like the first time Blueface might actually be in love with one woman. Chrisean Rock’s strong personality balances out with his strong personality in some ways. In that sense they might be perfect for each other, and the way she seems to abuse him might actually be healthy in his mind. The last time these two were fighting it happened during a viral video recorded on Hollywood Boulevard.

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