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DeDe in the Morning G-Checks Charleston White and Exposes Him on Dallas Radio Show

Charleston White, a controversial podcaster and social media personality, recently faced a tough interview on a Dallas radio show hosted by DeDe McGuire. White, who is known for his outspoken and often inflammatory opinions, had accepted an invitation to appear as a guest on DeDe in the Morning, a popular morning show on K104 FM. However, he was not prepared for the confrontation that awaited him.

Why are People Saying Charleston White Went Out Bad on a Dallas Radio Show?

White had previously made some derogatory comments about DeDe and her show, claiming that they had low ratings and that his podcast was more popular. He also accused DeDe of being biased and unprofessional. These comments were made on his own podcast and on social media platforms, where he has a large following of fans and critics.

When White arrived at the radio station, he was greeted by DeDe, who wasted no time in asking him why he had dissed her and her show. White initially denied that he had said anything bad about her, and tried to deflect the question by changing the topic. He claimed that that he had nothing against DeDe or her show.

However, DeDe was not buying his excuses. She proceeded to play an audio clip of White’s voice, where he clearly insulted her and her show. The clip ended with White admitting that it was his voice in the audio, and that he did talk bad about her. There was look of embarrassment and shame on his face as the audio was playing. He knew he was caught red handed in his own web of lies.

The interview quickly went viral on social media, where many people criticized White for being dishonest and hypocritical. They accused him of being a coward who could not stand by his words when confronted by DeDe.

They also praised DeDe for being professional and assertive, and for exposing White’s lies with evidence. Many people said that White went out bad on the Dallas radio show, because he was caught lying and backpedaling when he faced DeDe, who put him on blast with his own voice.

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