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Here is Why Nicole Arbour Dissed Lizzo for Crying About Being Called Fat on Instagram Live

Lizzo complaining about how people view her weight has become a commonplace ever since her rise to fame, and some people are now fed up. As example in a viral tweet Nicole Arbour dissed Lizzo crying about being called fat on Instagram Live after she was the target of body shamers. The fat insults stemmed from the release of her “Rumors” video with Cardi B, where she was showing a lot of skin.

In her emotional message Lizzo described the body-shaming of her ‘Rumors’ video as fat phobic and racist. She said the negative comments she experienced were very hurtful. However, Nicole Arbour wants Lizzo to shut up, because she feels Lizzo is fat by her own doing, and is delusional about it. In her full statement she said,

“You know what Lizzo it’s time to STFU. Women are being kidnapped and held as slaves right now in Afghanistan, and you’re crying that people called you fat, when you are in fact a self inflicted obese woman. Get on a treadmill, watch the news, and get some perspective”.

Here is Why Nicole Arbour Dissed Lizzo for Crying on About Being Called Fat on Instagram Live

Here is the video of Lizzo crying about being called fat.

This is the “Rumors” video that started this drama.

Does Nicole Arbour’s Lizzo rant speak any truth? Has she really lost sight of what is important in the world by complaining about people calling her fat, when she is a heavy set woman?

Whatever the answer is people shouldn’t be attacking Lizzo when she is clearly going through emotional turmoil. Everybody’s lives are different, and the things that afflict you most varies from person to person.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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