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Drake without Fake Abs Jumping Off a Speed Boat In Nikki Beach Goes Viral

Drake without his alleged fake abs jumping off a speed boat in Nikki Beach is going viral.

As Drake jumps of the speed boat you can see the fear in his eyes, but Drake’s fake abs being non existent stole the show. It looks like Drake’s fake abs transformed into the Hulk Hogan distended belly. Could this be the definitive proof that they are fake muscles?

First take a look at Drake’s alleged fake abs on the speed boat at Nikki Beach.

Drake without fake abs proof
Is the Picture Proof that Drake Has Fake Abs?
Drake without fake abs jumping off boat in Nikki Beach
Is this Drake Without Fake Abs?

Now take a look at when Drake’s alleged fake abs were in their prime a few months ago.

The abs structure in the pictures of Drake jumping off the speed boat in Nikki Beach look a lot different as you can see. It seems like Drake might be overdue for a trip back to Dr. Miami if the fake abs allegations are actually true.

Drake’s belly definitely looks suspicious, but who knows maybe he had just got done eating or something.

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