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Here is Why Soulja Boy Dissed Kanye West After Hearing DONDA

With Kanye West’s release of DONDA it appears he has made two new enemies in the process, and Drake isn’t one of them. The first unhappy artist to come forward was Chris Brown who had some disparaging words for Kanye after DONDA dropped. Now Soulja Boy dissed Kanye West too, and he might be unhappy for the same reason Chris Brown is.

Why Did Soulja Boy Diss Kanye West after Hearing DONDA?

A person on Twitter asked Soulja Boy what he thought about DONDA. He probably didn’t expect the answer he was going to get. It appears Kanye West left Soulja Boy’s verse off “Remote Control” on DONDA, and he is very mad about it. In reaction to the DONDA snub Soulja Boy said this about Kanye West,

“Idk how I feel. Kanye West sent me that song ‘Remote Control’, and I don’t hear my verse on it. Hmm, f** that n***”.

Soulja Boy cursed out Kanye West with his phone or computer keypad, which is proof he has some real anger flowing through his body. Can’t blame him for being mad about being left off such a legendary album.

Here is Why Soulja Boy Dissed Kanye West After Hearing DONDA. Soulja Boy curses out Kanye West for leaving him off DONDA. Kanye West left Soulja Boy verse off DONDA Remote Control

Now instead of Soulja Boy being able to say he was on DONDA, he has to say “I was almost on DONDA”. It’s like finishing with the bronze medal instead of gold.

The possibility that Kanye West left a Soulja Boy verse off DONDA, and a possible Chris Brown verse proves one thing. Kanye West was truly aiming for perfection with this album, and wasn’t scared to hurt people’s feelings in the process. The finished product was another legendary album.

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