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Lil Baby Gives Friend $150K to Start a Dog Business to Save Him From Drugs in Viral Video

In hiphop there are many rappers who claim they hold their friends down, but there is never any evidence of that. You can’t say the same about Lil Baby. A new viral video shows Lil Baby gave his friend $150K to start a dog business. Lil Baby helped his friend start the dog business to save him from abusing drugs.

In the footage Lil Baby is holding a very cute dog supposedly from his friends new dog business.


Lil Baby is a current generation rapper, but the way he moves is very old school. It’s clear his mentality makes him cut from a different cloth than most newer rappers you see these days. His values are the same values rappers of the past used to uphold.

Let’s hope Lil Baby’s friend can stay clean from drugs with the new dog business.

Author: JordanThrilla