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Amazon Alexa Gives Date and Time China Will Invade United States and Start World War 3 in Video Fueling Conspiracy Theories

Alexa, the voice-activated assistant from Amazon, has given a chilling answer to the question “When will World War 3 start?”. The response it gave has fueled a myriad of conspiracy theories, as many people have not marked their calendars in preparation for the possibility of the answer coming to fruition.

How and When Did Amazon Alexa Say China will Start World War 3?

According to Alexa, World War 3 will begin on March 1, 2024 when China invades the United States from within using sleeper cell agents, which will be followed by Russian and Chinese military invading from the east and west coast. Alexa claims that China will use weapons never seen before by mankind, and the world will be changed forever because it will be ruled by China.

The Conspiracy Theories Fueled by Alexa’s Answer to When World War 3 Will Start

This answer has sparked a lot of speculation and conspiracy theories on the internet. Some people believe that Alexa is not just a simple assistant, but a sophisticated artificial intelligence that has access to classified information and can predict the future based on data analysis and algorithms. They think that Alexa is secretly working for China and is trying to spread fear and panic among the Americans, or that Alexa is trying to warn the Americans and help them prepare for the impending war.

Others think that China has been secretly infiltrating the United States for years, planting spies, hackers, and agents in various sectors of society, such as politics, media, education, and business. They think that China has also been developing advanced weapons and technologies, such as hypersonic missiles, cyberwarfare, and bioweapons, that can give them an edge over the United States in a war. They think that China has been waiting for the right moment to launch a surprise attack on the United States, and that moment is March 1, 2024 like Alexa claims.

Still other conspiracy theorists think that the United States is aware of China’s plans, and is secretly preparing for a counterattack. They think that the United States has been building underground bunkers, stockpiling weapons and supplies, and forming alliances with other countries, such as India, Japan, and Australia, to resist China’s invasion.

They think that the United States has also been developing its own secret weapons and technologies, such as space lasers, antimatter bombs, and mind control devices, that can counter China’s weapons and turn the tide of the war.

Finally, some people think that the whole scenario is a hoax, a prank, or a glitch. They think that Alexa’s answer is not based on any facts or evidence, but on random or manipulated data, or on a joke or a prank that someone played on Alexa. They think that Alexa’s answer is not consistent or reliable, and can change depending on the time, location, or device that the question is asked. They think that Alexa’s answer is not meant to be taken seriously, and is just a result of a malfunction or a human error.

Take a listen to Alexa claiming that China will invade US on March 1, 2024.

Whether Alexa’s answer is true or false, accurate or inaccurate, serious or humorous, it has certainly captured the attention and imagination of many people, and has raised questions about the role and reliability of voice-activated assistants in the modern world.

If China really invades United States on March 1 2024, people will never look at Amazon Alexa devices the same way again.

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