Conspiracy Theory Behind the Power of Snake Tequila Trends After Video of Woman Serving it at Restaurant in Mexico

In recent news, a woman in Mexico has gone viral for serving Snake Tequila at a restaurant. The woman, allegedly named Osvaldo Vasquez, has been serving this unique drink for years, but it has only just recently gained attention online after a tourist posted a video of the drink on social media.

What is Snake Tequila, and How is it Made?

So what is Snake Tequila? This unique drink is a mixture of tequila and sotol, a north Mexican moonshine with a similar flavor profile. The drink is then garnished with a preserved rattlesnake, which is placed in a large jar filled with semi-opaque liquid. The drink is a close relative of tequila, and is the state drink of Chihuahua, Coahuila, and Durango. It is made from the plant Dasylirion, which takes 10 to 15 years to mature, and is frequently eaten by animals before it can ever yield alcohol.

What is the Conspiracy Theory Behind the Power of Snake Tequila Shots?

When distilled and aged, legend has it that Snake Tequila can cure whatever’s got you down. This is why it is sold as medicine in tourist shops throughout Mexico. It was even allegedly used as anesthesia in early surgeries, and as a hangover cure. That’s probably the only time you’ll hear of using alcohol to cure a hangover, but that’s why there is so much mystery behind Snake Tequila’s alleged powers. Take a look at this cool woman serving Snake Tequila to a customer at her restaurant, and some reactions from celebrities on social media.

Lil Duval reacted saying “I’m convinced nobody on earth can out drink a Mexican”.

lil duval reacts to snake tequila video
Conspiracy Theory Behind the Power of Snake Tequila Trends After Video of Woman Serving it at Restaurant in Mexico
Video of woman serving Snake Tequila at her restaurant in Mexico

Is the Serpent Inside Snake Tequila Alive?

People have been shocked at the thought of a woman serving a drink with an actual snake inside, but the snakes are already dead when they’re placed inside the jar. This is a long-standing tradition in Mexico, and is part of the drinking culture. If you do partake in some Snake Tequila shots, always remember to drink legally and responsibly.

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