Donald Trump final walk off is going viral for two different reasons. The first reason being that it appears Donald Trump kissed Donald Trump Jr, or at least they attempted to lock lips. The second reason being that it appears Donald Trump got dizzy while walking up steps and almost fell, because they may have been a little too high for him.

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Many people were surprised when Donald Trump Jr puckered up his lips at Donald Trump as if he was expecting a kiss. Donald Trump kissed him on the cheek instead. His other son seemed to want no parts of a kiss while on National TV.

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When it appeared Donald Trump got lightheaded while walking up the steps, it almost looked like he was going to fall down. Take a look at these two strange videos.

Pay close attention when Donald Trump gets to the middle of steps in the video below, you can see he pauses and appears to lose his balance.

There have been many strange moments during Donald Trump’s time as president, but this is the first strange moment in his post presidency life. It would have been a total disaster if he somehow fell down those steps when he appeared to get dizzy and paused for a few moments.

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At least Melania Trump didn’t refuse to hold his hand this time.

Author: JordanThrilla

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