Woman Mistaking Pregnancy Test for COVID Test in Leaked Text Messages.

Due to the pandemic in some ways the natural wiring of our brains have been altered in ways we didn’t expect. This is most noticeable when it comes to every day terms that now trigger different thoughts in our mind. For example when you hear the word “positive” the first thing that might come to your mind is COVID, but what did that word mean to people before the pandemic?

Leaked Text Messages from Woman Mistaking Pregnancy Test for COVID-19 Test Goes Viral

A situation where someone whose brain has been rewired by the COVID experience led to a hilariously viral text message exchange. In these messages one woman was showing off her positive pregnancy test when she got an unexpected reaction from her friend.

What her friend said left her with no choice, but to rudely insult her intelligence. It sounds bad, but you have to see these text messages before passing judgement.

In the leaked text messages the receiver confused the pregnancy test with a COVID test. To her defense they do kind of look alike in some ways, depending on the kind you get. What started with a simple “positive” message along with a picture of the pregnancy test, ended with her friend saying:

“Darn hope you feel better. Quarantine.”

The pregnant woman replied simply asking “Are you stupid“.

Leaked Text Messages from Woman Mistaking Pregnancy Test for COVID Test Goes Viral.

Sure it’s easy to call that woman’s friend stupid for confusing a pregnancy test with a COVID test, but really it shows how much the pandemic changed even the small intricacies of life as we know it. The word “positive” now has negative connotation associated with it in the minds of many people. In a way you could say some people have gone slightly crazy.

In the text message exchange above woman’s friend didn’t even notice the word “pregnant” written on the picture she was sent. Her mind had already convinced itself it was all about COVID. That almost seems like brainwashing in full effect.

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