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Why Did Charleston White Attack Adin Ross with Anti-Semitic Rant about Jewish People and Adolf Hitler?

A viral Instagram Live video shows controversial figure Charleston White going on an anti-Semitic rant targeting Kick streamer Adin Ross. In the footage, White says that Jews do not care about black people, and that black people are the real Jews. He also claims that the Holocaust was made up and praises Hitler.

The video has sparked outrage and confusion among viewers, who wonder why White targeted Ross with anti-Semitic remarks, especially since Ross is not Jewish. Ross, who is known for his popular streams featuring celebrities and internet personalities, had invited White to join him on his broadcast according to reports.

However, some time later White went on a profanity-filled rant on Instagram Live, where he accused Ross and his family of being liars and expressed his support for Hitler. He also compared the suffering of African-Americans to the Jewish community’s, and denied the genocide that killed millions of Jews during World War II.

“Adin and his family are some lying motherf***ers, and I rock with Hitler,” White said in the video. “The Holocaust is fake y’all”, he adds.

Why Did Charleston White Attack Adin Ross with an Anti-Semitic Rant About Jewish People?

Many fans also expressed their dismay and confusion over White’s rant, and questioned his motives for attacking Ross. Some speculated that White was upset because Ross did not pay him for appearing on his stream, but this has not been confirmed by either party.

White is an online personality known for sharing stories of his criminal past and making controversial statements about various topics. He has sparked outrage with his comments on the death of George Floyd, and rapper DMX.

White is also the founder and CEO of Helping Young People Excel (HYPE), an organization dedicated to educating teens on the negative effects of turning to crime.

He spent 12 years in prison for murder, after he and three friends allegedly robbed a Foot Locker store and killed a man who tried to stop them.

White has not apologized or explained his rant against Ross, and has continued to post videos on his Instagram account. He has never been the type to back down after saying something controversial.

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