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Video: Man Stuck on Rollercoaster Ride at Six Flags Goes Crazy

For some people one the scariest situations they can be in is getting stuck on a Rollercoaster Ride when it’s at its apex. Just the thought of that sends fear through some people’s bodies, but it’s a situation that most people will never be in. However, for one unlucky guy his trip to Six Flags turned into a nightmare situation for that very reason, and now he’s going viral due to his reaction.

Video Showing Reaction of Man Stuck on Roller Coaster Ride at Six Flags Going Crazy Goes Viral

When you’re stuck on a Rollercoaster ride there’s a good chance that there will be other people stuck on that same ride with you. While it definitely could be a scary situation depending on the circumstances, that fact alone makes it much easier to navigate through emotionally. However, in the case of one man stuck on a ride at Six Flags none of that mattered, because to him it seemed like the end world based on his reaction.

As you’ll see in the footage below the man stuck on the Six Flag’s Roller Coaster ride was screaming hysterically saying “Noooo, Noooo” over and over, as everyone else on the ride was sitting calmly waiting for help. Little did he know that his surprising reaction would lead to him become internet famous overnight on TikTok after user Joe_lilmike posted a video with a caption saying “got stuck on a ride at Six Flags, and this how dude acted”. Details on what Six Flags ride malfunctioned were not explained in the video.

In all online dictionaries a link to this video showing the man’s reaction to being stuck on a ride at Six Flags should be placed next to the definition of “overreacting”. That guy’s life was in no immediate danger, but he’s yelling out like it’s about to be his last moments.

Why even get on a Roller Coaster if you’re that afraid of getting stuck on it? It’s safe to say he might not ever go back to Six Flags again after that stressful ordeal.

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