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Special Education Teacher Falls 150 Feet and Dies Searching for Infinity Pool She Saw on TikTok

The influence social media can have on the human mind is well known to be very powerful. Social media influences how some people talk, act, dress, and do things in general. You hear a phrase on social media you start to use it, you see a cool dance on social media you start do it, if song you didn’t like trends on social media sometimes you start to like the song too. At the core is power of group think, and it can make people do some crazy things. Sadly in some cases that can lead to a person’s demise.

Woman Falls 150 Feet Searching for Infinity Pool She Saw on TikTok

Over the past 2 years there is no social media platform that surged to prominence quicker than TikTok. The first social media platform to focus solely are short clips took the tech landscape by storm, causing other media giants like YouTube to try creating their own version to compete (YouTube shorts). Naturally when a social media platform is as powerful as TikTok, it leads to people wanting to experience things they saw on the platform. For one special education teacher in United Kingdom this led to her untimely death.

47 year old Victoria Naomi came across a viral Infinity Pool clip posted by a TikTok user claiming they found it hidden in Snowdonia National Park, which is in Wales. Not too long after with the help of her boyfriend Luck, Victoria made plans of her own to search for this secret Infinity Pool, so she could experience it with him. Sadly they went on the journey underprepared, and it led to disaster.

According to reports from North Wales Live the couple didn’t bring any navigation equipment to guide them through the terrain of Snowdonia, which led to them getting lost. In a desperate last attempt to find the Infinity Pool the pair split up going down different paths hoping one of them stumble upon it. Shortly after Victoria Naomi’s boyfriend heard a scream in the distance. Sadly that scream was Victoria Naomi falling 150 feet over ridge she thought was near the Infinity Pool. She would die from her severe injuries shortly after.

The Infinity Pool TikTok video that led to Victoria Naomi’s 150 feet fall really is captivating in terms of scenery. The footage has been viewed millions of times across all social media platforms. It’s easy to see why she wanted to see this place in person. The footage was posted by TikToker ukhiddengems.

According to Wales Online the secret Infinity Pool at Snowdonia was built in 2016. The area it was built in is very secluded making it very hard to find without the proper equipment, and knowledge of the terrain in that area. Sadly Victoria Naomi died chasing a dream that a TikTok video put in her mind, a truly tragic situation.

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