In recent times the life of transgender people has been pushed to the forefront of societal issues. There is widespread movement for transgender rights, and things like transitioning are talked about mostly in a positive manner. People who have an opinion about transgender people that doesn’t fit the narrative are labeled transphobic, but can a transgender person be transphobic too? That question is being asked after a eye opening interview involving a transgender man whose life fell apart after transitioning, and is now speaking out with rhetoric that some might consider transphobic.

Transgender Man Who Regrets Transitioning Had 6 Inches of Hair Growing Inside Urethra and Explains How Doctors Ruined His Life Along with Hidden Dangers of Transitioning

In an interview with Matt Walsh the transgender man who regrets transitioning said outright that a woman can never be man, which also means that he believes a woman can never be man. Interestingly Macy Gray made this same type of comment recently, and was met with accusations of being transphobic. However, what stood out most about the transgender man’s testimony was the health issues he experiences in the past and present since undergoing the medical transitioning process.

The transgender man had 7 surgeries, which led to him having a stress heart attack, pulmonary embolism, 17 rounds of antibiotics, and 6 inches of hair growing inside his urethra for 17 months. What’s crazy about that is the doctor that did the medical procedures would not offer help with the side effects, because the transitioning process led to a loss of insurance.

Now the transgender man deals with infections every 3 to 4 months, and also doesn’t believe his life will go on much longer. He seems to wish that he never attempted becoming a man, because he was actually happier as a woman. He also warned people the medical process of transitioning is still very experimental.

Can you imagine having 6 inches of hair growing inside your urethra? That sounds way too painful to even imagine. The urethra is the tubular structure in your private area that allows you to urinate.

It’s very rare to hear stories directly from transgender people who realized they didn’t want to be another gender after already undergoing permanent medical procedures, which is why this interview is trending.

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