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Full Story Behind Video Showing 64 Year Old Black Teacher Beating Up 14 Year Old White Student in Classroom and How Police Reacted

Some time ago Marston Riley, a 64-year-old music teacher, was arrested and charged with child abuse after a video surfaced of him repeatedly punching a 14-year-old student at Maywood Academy High School in California. The altercation occurred after the student confronted Riley for allegedly saying negative things about him and using a racial slur.

Riley was arrested and booked into the Los Angeles County Jail following the altercation, but was later released after posting a $50,000 bail. The student was taken to a hospital for treatment of moderate injuries and was later released. Following the incident, community members raised more than $90,000 for Riley via a GoFundMe campaign. Recently the footage of the incident began trending on twitter once again, which showed how the white student kept berating the teacher before he snapped.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office later dismissed the case against Riley, citing a number of factors including his lack of a prior criminal record, the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident, Riley’s age, his completion of a 10-week anger management course, and his being forced into early retirement from his job.

In a Facebook video statement, Riley thanked his supporters and explained why the altercation occurred, saying that it began when he told the student he was not wearing the proper school uniform. The student became angry, using foul language and calling Riley a racial slur. Riley said he asked the student to leave the room multiple times, but the student only became more violent. He said the altercation reminded him of another incident in which three students allegedly jumped him.

Riley’s case highlights the importance of dealing with issues of racism and violence in schools. It is important for schools to create an environment where students feel safe and respected, and where any incidents of racism or violence are quickly and appropriately addressed. Additionally, it is important for schools to provide resources such as counseling and anger management classes to help students and staff alike deal with difficult situations in a constructive positive manner.

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