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New Footage of a Sleeping Cat Crashing a Bike While Dreaming Might Be The Greatest Animal Video Ever

Dreams are something that are an unpredictable part of life. One night you could be flying through the skies like a superhero, and the next you’re dreaming about being stuck in traffic. It appears that same unpredictability holds true in the dream world of cat too. The proof is in a viral video of a sleeping cat crashing a bike while dreaming on a couch, or so it seems.

In this amazing the footage that cat moves its legs in bicycling motion gradually increasing speed. At the moment the cat’s legs moved in a motion that accurately recreating some losing control of their bike. Then it’s little cat legs stopped moving completely, but stopped at the exact moment to recreate the position of someone knocked out.

Here is what we think the Cat was probably dreaming of before the bike crash happened.

Since the Cat never really rode a bike before, it might be safe to assume it must have an owner that bikes often. Since Cats are known to very protective of their perceived owner, one could say this might be proof of Cats dreaming about their owner. In this case the Cat loves its owner so much that it has nightmares about something bad happening to them, in this case a bike crash.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff