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Racist Woman Dying of COVID-19 Admits Murdering Black Kid in 1936 For the Pettiest Reason During Deathbed Confession

Death bed confessions are something that people often don’t talk about, but for nurses this is something that happens very commonly. With the COVID-19 pandemic in full force nurses are speaking out more about their hospital experiences, which has brought to light tragic death bed confession story from a dying COVID patient.

Woman Dying of COVID Confesses to Causing a Racist Murder in 1936 Louisiana During Deathbed Confession

In a viral TikTok video a nurse claimed a racist woman on her deathbed from COVID confessed to murdering a black kid after falsely accusing him of touching her. According to the story the racist woman dying of COVID-19 said in 1936 Louisiana she told her mother that a black boy touched her behind a grocery store. Due to her lie a group of racists lynched the black kid, cut off his genitals, and burned down his family home.

As this was happening the racist woman dying COVID who was teenager at the time, watched the whole thing happen. Can you guess what her motivation behind getting the black kid murdered was? Apparently she was jealous that his sister had a prettier dress than her.

Take a listen to this tragic story.

Since the woman was teenager in 1936, which was about 85 years ago, it would mean she was around 100 years old as she was dying from COVID in 2021.

She spent the past 85 years of her life knowing that she got a black kid murdered only because his sister had prettier dresses than her. That’s just pure evil.

RIP to the innocent black kid that was tortured and murdered for no reason. This story sounds a lot like what happened to Emmett Till.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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