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Social Media Roasts Nick Cannon on Mother’s Day 2022

When you hear the phrase “baby mama” what is the first thing that comes to mind? For many people the first thought that comes to mind might be Nick Cannon. It’s well known that he has a whole lot of baby mamas, and seems to continue growing his roster on a regular basis. In the future a large portion of the US population might be his offspring. Naturally on a day like Mother’s Day where you have to cater to all the mothers in your life, Nick Cannon has a lot on his plate. Social media was having a blast making fun of him for that fact.

Social Media Roasts Nick Cannon on Mother’s Day 2022

Across social media tweets roasting Nick Cannon’s Mother’s Day 2022 woes started to flood timelines. The hilarious posts conveyed how tired Nick Cannon must be after having to spend time with each of his baby mamas. The funniest one was probably a tweet comparing Nick Cannon after Mother’s Day to Jimmy Butler barely being able to walk from fatigue after games during the 2020 NBA Finals.

Nick Cannon is like a legend when it comes to creating baby mamas. It seems like every month there is a story breaking about another woman finding out she is expecting his child. He’s probably a vet at the Mother’s Day thing by now, so today probably isn’t as tough for him as people think.

Social media roasting Nick Cannon on Mother’s Day is going to become the norm from this point forward most likely.

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