Social media allows you to see some crazy things you would have never come across otherwise. One of the best sources of off the wall type of things happening around the world is of course Twitter. That trend continued with a recent video of fish throwing sand at each other like two human beings fighting.

WATCH: Details on Why Jawfish are Throwing Sand at Each Other Like Humans in Viral Video

In a viral video posted by Twitter user @buitengebieden_, two jawfish throw sand at each other as if engaged in some type of human like battle or playing. The footage has shocked social media, because of the high level of intelligence it seems to show the fish have. Naturally people are wondering what the real reason is behind their actions, since things like that don’t randomly happen in nature.

Based on our research Jawfish a very territorial, and will aggressively defend the area around their burrows, which are those tunnels they dig in the ground. When a Jawfish feels another one of their species has built a burrow too close they take aggressive measures to attempt warding them off. In the footage below what you’re seeing is two Jawfish throwing sand at each other in effort to ward the other away. Unfortunately for them they looked to be in some kind of tank, so it was a battle in perpetual motion. Usually this escalates to one of the Jawfish outright entering the other’s burrow to scare them off.

While it make look like those Jawfish had high level intelligence their actions were more the result of instincts. Nevertheless it’s pretty cool to see two Jawfish throwing sand at each other with such attitude. Who knows maybe they do have some high level of self awareness that’s never been detected by scientists.

The video was an instant hit on Twitter racking up over 35,000 likes and counting.

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