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Toxicology Doctor Armin Koroknay Trends After Jamie Foxx COVID Vaccine Blood Clot Side Effect Rumor

A viral rumor has been circulating online that Jamie Foxx, the famous actor, comedian and singer, is suffering from a COVID-19 vaccine side effect that caused a blood clot in his brain. The rumor was started by journalist A.J. Benza, who claimed on the Dr. Drew Podcast that he had insider information about Foxx’s health condition. It’s alleged that Foxx is currently paralyzed and partially blind.

“Jamie had a blood clot in his brain after he got the shot. He did not want the shot, but the movie he was on, he was pressured to get it,” Benza said on the podcast. He did not reveal his source, but said it was someone close to Foxx. At the moment it might be best to take his words with a grain of salt, until Foxx’s family actually confirms if any of what he is saying is actually true.

Why Toxicology Doctor Armin Koroknay Is Trending

As the rumor alleging that Jamie Foxx is suffering a COVID vaccine side effect related blood clot in the brain spread, conspiracy theorists began sharing a video of a toxicology doctor named Armin Koroknay, who compared non-vaccinated blood to vaccinated blood after COVID-19 vaccine to show how it allegedly makes blood cells stick together more easily.

In the viral videos being shared, Armin Koroknay began his speech by showing a microscopic picture of non-vaccinated blood vs vaccinated blood with COVID-19 vaccine. The photo showed that blood cells of an vaccinated person are clumped together due to an increase in fibrin fibers, rather than being free flowing like that of a non-vaccinated person.

He explained that usually when blood cells are clumped together in that fashion it is the result of an “electric spark” or low mineral count in the blood, which made it very unusual to see a vaccine causing the same affect.

His most shocking claim was that the COVID-19 vaccine causes instant clotting on the microscopic level as soon it as touches human blood. He explained this why many people who get the COVID-19 vaccine allegedly don’t bleed from the needle injection sites, because their blood is clotting faster than normal.

He claims the change in a vaccinated person’s blood is most severe after the second COVID Vaccine injection. While his claims haven’t been confirmed widely, conspiracy theorists believe that Jamie Foxx’s blood may have underwent that type of change before the alleged blood clot happened. Hopefully that isn’t true, because it was also reported that Foxx was pressured into taking the vaccine for a movie role.

Part 2.

Toxicology Doctor Armin Koroknay Trends After Jamie Foxx COVID Vaccine Blood Clot Side Effect Rumor
Toxicology Doctor Armin Koroknay’s Alleged Pictures of Non-Vaccinated Blood vs Vaccinated Blood

In the past medical experts have explained that vaccine side effects typically manifest within hours or days after receiving the shot, not months later. Mild reactions like injection site pain, fever, muscle aches and headaches are common and expected.

The rare severe adverse reactions like anaphylaxis, myocarditis, or VITT usually occur within days statistically. However, there have been cases where people suffered side effects long after getting injection such as former NBA player Brandon Goodwin.

Whatever is causing Jamie Foxx’s health issues, hopefully he makes a full recovery.

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