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Kim Kardashian’s Third Leg Thigh Trends After Photoshop Fail Accusations

When it comes to celebrities and photoshop allegations there is no Hollywood family that has been caught in more controversies than the Kardashians. Over the years they have been accused of many photoshop fails, and also there was a scandal involving Khloe getting an unedited photo taken off the internet. Now Kim Kardashian is battling allegations of her own after a recent bikini clad photo.

Is Kim Kardashian’s Third Leg a Photoshop Fail?

This past Thursday Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to promote her massively successful SKIMS line. In the photo she showed off her body wearing a very skimpy bathing suit. While the reactions to the photo were mostly positive, there was a large amount of people who noticed something peculiar near her groin area. It appears as if Kim Kardashian has a third leg thigh. Was it lighting, a bad angle, extra fat, or an editing fail? Most people are convinced this was the result of another Kim Kardashian photoshop fail. Take a look.

Image Credit: Kim Kardashian Instagram
Image Credit: Kim Kardashian Instagram

You don’t need to have a doctors degree to know that a normal thigh doesn’t look like that. Unless Kim Kardashian has some type of unique body defect that no one ever noticed before that photo, it’s easy to see why some people believe this is evidence of a photoshop fail. However, she is standing in front a mirror so maybe that third thigh is actually the reflection behind her, which would make it the result of a bad angle optical illusion.

If it really is a photoshop blunder, the big question is how did she not notice this before posting the photo? Maybe she did, and knew it would bring even more attention to the post. If so that was another genius business move from one of the smartest female entrepreneurs alive.