A Kourtney Kardashian photoshop conspiracy theory is taking over social media. People believe Kourtney was photoshopped into a Kardashian family photo recently posted on Twitter.

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The way she blends with background of the photo seemed very sketchy, which led people to make this conclusion.

Take a look at the evidence.

As you can see in this photo below the edges of Kourtney Kardashian’s coat are slightly blurring the clothing items directly behind her. This is a common symptom of layered photoshopping.

As you can see in this photo Kourtney Kardashian’s boots appear to be slightly floating above the wooden floor. Another common symptom of altered depth perception from layered photoshopping.

Was Kourtney photoshopped into this Kardashian family photo? Since nobody can say for sure it remains a Kourtney Kardashian photoshop conspiracy theory.

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Somebody should ask Kanye West about this.

Author: JordanThrilla

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