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Did TikToker KaniseOfficial Admit Cheating On Her Boyfriend In Viral TikTok Video?

You know how sometimes you hear someone casually say something, and you have to rewind it back to make sure you heard correctly? A situation like that is going viral after it appeared TikToker KaniseOfficial admitted cheating on her man in a viral TikTok video.

Did TikToker KaniseOfficial Record Herself Cheating on Her Boyfriend?

In the footage Kanise Official talks about her day, and the string of normal activities she does. Her routine included things such as grocery shopping, going to work, and playing with her cats.

Where things got crazy is when she talked about switching phones with her friend, so they can find each other matches on a dating app, then talked about making pasta for her boyfriend. Things went way left when she casually talked about going on a date while her boyfriend was at work, and showed video of the restaurant she was at with some other man.

Was Kanise Official cheating on her man?

Did TikToker KaniseOfficial Admit Cheating On Her boyfriend In Viral TikTok Video? TikToker Kanise Official admits cheating on her man. TikToker KaniseOfficial records herself cheating on her boyfriend.

The fact that Kanise was comfortable telling the world she went on a date with another man despite being in a relationship could mean one of three things. She was cheating, they have an open relationship, or the term “date” has a different meaning to her.

At the very least she still made her boyfriend that pasta, and it looked really good. Maybe he allows her to cheat, because she’s good at making top quality food.

Hopefully KaniseOfficial isn’t cheating on her boyfriend.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff