Why Were American Airlines Flight Passengers Forced to Put Hands On Their Heads For Final Hour of Flight?

An American Airline Flight turned into tense situation when passengers were forced to put their hands on their heads for the final hour of the flight. According to reports there was an alleged security threat on the flight that stemmed from a woman who kept screaming. She was arrested when the airplane landed.

What made the situation strange was the fact that passengers were instructed not to film anything that happened on the plane. Also the passengers claim the airline refused to give them any details as to what was going on. Even after the planned landed all passengers on board the flight were monetarily detained.

Rumors from people aboard the plane say the woman that was screaming for 90 minutes straight was duct taped to her seat before the plane landed. What has people confused was why everyone aboard the American Airlines flight was forced to place their hands on their heads for 1 hour straight. You can just imagine how uncomfortable that must have been.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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