It’s well known that Joe Biden and live speeches don’t seem to mix well over the past few months . In the past it would be him forgetting what he just said or literally speaking gibberish, there have been quite a few strange moments. Now it seems reading off a teleprompter too literally can also be added to the list.

Did Joe Biden Have a Ron Burgundy Teleprompter Moment? Joe Biden’s ‘Repeat Line’ Teleprompter Debacle Sparks Anchorman Movie Comparison

During a recent speech Joe Biden was discussing women and their impact on voting. Sadly the entire speech seemingly sounded ingenuine to many, because it became apparent that Joe Biden was just reading whatever he saw on the teleprompter without even thinking about it.

When Joe Biden said ‘end of quote – repeat line’ before he repeated his last statement, he was seemingly caught red handed just reading the teleprompter like a robot. In most cases people are supposed to know not to actually read the cue moments when they come across the teleprompter.

On social media people began comparing Joe Biden’s ‘end of quote repeat the line’ teleprompter debacle to a Ron Burgundy scene from Anchorman movie where he started to read the teleprompter too literally. Most notably there was a line from the movie that says, “for the last time anything you put on that teleprompter Burgundy will read”. Ironically that’s seemingly what happened when Joe Biden said ‘repeat line’.

When we heard Joe Biden’s saying ‘end of quote repeat line’ we thought of the Charles Barkley teleprompter prank moment from Inside the NBA. They tricked him into reading ‘I’m a dumba**’ off a teleprompter, because he too is fond of reading them too literally. As you’ll see this also perfectly describes what happened during Joe Biden’s ‘repeat line’ mistake.

Joe Biden has had a very rough past few weeks in terms of his public appearance. Between the strange dialect he spoke when trying to describe America in one word during a recent speech, falling off his bike, and now a possible teleprompter mishap, the most unexpected things seem to be happening in the presidential hemisphere.

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