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How FEDS Found a Woman’s $2 Billion Bitcoin Stash and Discovered an Alleged Money Laundering Scheme

In a twist that reads like a thriller, 42 year old Jian Wen’s sentencing on May 10th wraps up what’s been the UK’s most eye-opening cryptocurrency case to date.

How Did Jian Wen Allegedly Make Over $2 Billion from a Bitcoin Money Laundering Scheme?

It’s a tale of rags to riches, with Wen climbing from a modest Leeds flat to a swanky six-bedroom pad in North London, shelling out a cool $21,760 in rent each month.

The Met Police left no stone unturned, raiding spots across the city, combing through 48 gadgets, and sifting through a mountain of files—plenty in Mandarin, no less.

According to reports, a detective on the case expressed how he believes these crimes know no borders, and cryptocurrencies are the new hideout for dirty money. He also expressed that he believes cops are on their tail, ready to take down these alleged high-tech hide-and-seek games.

Wen’s taste for the finer things didn’t stop at the UK’s doorstep. She splurged on bling in Zurich and snapped up digs in Dubai back in ’19. She tried to pass as a jewelry business employee, even moving her son to the UK for a posh private school education. But when she tried to buy into London’s luxury property scene, she hit a wall—those money laundering checks started to fail.

Police discovered that Wen was allegedly part of a large scale money laundering operation that takes advantage of bitcoin to make extremely expensive purchases. According to reports police are still searching for the other individuals involved.

42 Year Old Jian Wen Mugshot Image Credit: London Metropolitan Police

Since then things have went way left for her based on reports. The Crown Prosecution Service has frozen Wen’s assets, and they’re digging deeper.

If they play their cards right, they could seize a Bitcoin stash that’s ballooned from $2.56 billion to a staggering $4.35 billion—thanks to the wild ride of the crypto market.

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