Video Of a Karen VS Seagull Bird Robbing a Co-Op Grocery Store in Scotland Goes Viral

What would you do if saw a Seagull stealing from your favorite store? The question was answered for one person in a video where a Karen tried to stop a Seagull bird robbing a Co-Op Grocery store in Scotland.

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This wasn’t just a random occurrence, according to people who live in the area this Seagull has been a frequent offender of stealing the same items from the Co-Op grocery store in recent weeks. It waits for someone to walk in then follows them through the automatic doors, steals the item it needs, and then follows someone right back out.

For most people this would be chalked up to an animal being cute, but this Karen was fed up with a Seagull bird stealing from the Co-Op grocery store. In the footage she tried chasing the bird down, but quickly gave up.

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All this sounds too crazy to be true, but take a look at these videos.

Near the end of the footage below you’ll see the Karen in black boots try to intervene, while everyone is just walking by and enjoying the show.

This was another video from a few weeks ago of the same Seagull bird stealing from the Co-op store.

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That Seagull is definitely a criminal, no question about it. It has targeted a Co-Op location where it knows it can steal the same items over and over without facing any real repercussions. Nevertheless, it was still funny to see the short battle of the Karen vs Seagull Bird Co-Op Thief.

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The grocery store manager has not commented publicly on the incidents. It’s not clear if the Seagull will face any charges if Police become involved.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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