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Video: Brittany Renner Water Fight with Man at Rolling Loud Miami 2022 Goes Viral

There’s no doubt that Brittany Renner is one of the most controversial internet celebrities in America. Her relationship drama with PJ Washington was one of the most documented relationship dramas in recent NBA history. Naturally with that comes a lot of issues when she’s at public venues where hecklers try to getting under her skin. It appears a man at Rolling Loud Miami 2022 did just that.

Brittany Renner Fighting Man at Rolling Loud Miami 2022 with Water Bottles Goes Viral

A viral video shows the moment Brittany Renner fights a man at Rolling Loud Miami 2022 after they exchanged words. It’s a bit hard to hear what the man said, but while he was talking in her face and making gestures with his hand, Brittany Renner stuck out her tongue at him. However, things took a turn for the worse when he kept heckling her, and didn’t respond to the tongue wag the way most men would.

As you’ll see in the footage below Brittany Renner poured water on the man after she couldn’t take the heckling anymore. Chaos ensued when the man poured water on Brittany Renner prompting the security to step in. They held her back from charging back at the man, and proceeded to remove him from the venue. All in all it seems like he got the best of Brittany Renner in that situation by provoking her into attacking him with her water bottle first, which seemed like his main goal in the first place.

Brittany Renner has always been a major superstar in the celebrity world of IG models, and she is now most known for breaking up with PJ Washington right after he got her pregnant. Hopefully people will stop trying to test in her public, because the heckling is a bit uncalled for. This Rolling Loud situation was similar to how she got into it with Myron Gaines during a podcast interview.