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Man Claiming Circumcision Made Him Unable to Ejaculate Goes Viral as Social Media Compares it to Gender Reassignment Surgery in Youths

Circumcision is one of the most common procedures done on babies across the world, and also one of the least often medical procedures discussed publicly. Circumcision consists of removing the foreskin from a man’s endowment. Doctors claim this reduces the chances of catching STDs and infections later on in life since studies show that excess foreskin harbors bacteria. Recently the ethics of this procedure was being discussed on social media as people compared it to gender reassignment surgeries being done on children. This led to men telling stories about how circumcision ruined their quality of life in terms of intimacy.

Man Claiming Circumcision Disabled his Ejaculation Ability Goes Viral as Social Media Compares it to Gender Reassignment Surgery in Youths

According to science the most sensitive part of a man’s endowment is the foreskin. In theory a circumcised person has less sensitivity then a person who isn’t circumcised. However, it’s tough to know that for sure considering most people who are circumcised don’t know what a vagina feels like uncircumcised, and vice versa. In addition most men who are circumcised don’t complain about having a lack of sensitivity, and premature ejaculation is common issue among circumcised men, which is often times attributed to heightened sensitivity. Nevertheless one man has a strange theory about how being circumcised has ruined intimate experiences with women in his life.

Based on his testimony in the viral TikTok video below the man claims circumcision ruined his ability to ejaculate inside a woman, and in general. He claims that because he was circumcised he barely feels anything during intercourse, or when pleasuring himself with his hand. He claims that when he pleasures himself he has to extreme force to finish the job, and when he’s smashing a woman he isn’t able to ejaculate. Any man who has been in that situation knows how that can make the woman feel insecure, in the sense that she isn’t attractive enough.

His testimony went viral, because there is new trend of people pushing to outlaw circumcision, the same way people want laws put in place to outlaw gender reassignment surgery on kids. People talked about how circumcision is often done of babies without the consent of their parents, and also the ties it has to religion. In addition people brought up stats from an NCBI study claiming that there is 1 infant death per 50,000 circumcision procedures in the United States, and 100 deaths per year in the United Kingdom related to the procedure. However, it’s tough to compare circumcision to gender reassignment surgery which literally disables the normal function of a person’s private part.

Take a listen to the video of the man who claims circumcision disabled his ejaculation ability, and some reactions to the comparisons to gender reassignment surgery.

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