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Kevin McCall Almost Fights Host Who Calls Him a ‘Woman Beater’ Then Walks Off Set of Thee Kraig Smiff Podcast

Domestic abuse allegations have haunted Kevin McCall for a long time, and he doesn’t like when people bring them up. As example during the Thee Kraig Smiff Podcast Kevin McCall almost fights a host who called him a “woman beater”. After threatening to fight the host, Kevin McCall walked off set.

This situation is interesting, because Kevin McCall admits to hitting women, but claims she hit him first. He also admits that his retaliation claim doesn’t make what he did right. What really grinds his gears is when other men try to act like he’s punk who would fight a woman, but not man. This is what led to him getting so angry at the podcast host.

As you may or may not know Kevin McCall is the ex-boyfriend of model Eva Marcille. She has spoken out many times about the abuse she went through while they were together. Just talking about it brought her to tears in the video below.

Kevin McCall is a singer, songwriter, and record producer who first signed with RCA records back in 2012. These days he is now an independent artist. Ironically, he’s most known for his collaborations with Chris Brown, who is also most known for abusing a woman.

At the core of Kevin McCall wanting to fight a podcast host for calling him a “woman beater” seems to be feelings of guilt, that he hates to confront.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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