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Is Chris Brown Colorist Racist? Dark Skinned Black Girl Exposes Chris Brown Kicked Her Out LA Club For Being Too Dark

Is Chris Brown colorist racist? Colorism is a plague sometimes worse than racism, because colorism often times comes from people that are your own race. In the black community colorism has sometimes caused a divide between dark skinned and light skinned people since the days of slavery. It’s really sad when you see black superstars perpetuating colorism to the masses, but that’s what allegedly happened during one tragic night at a LA night club for a beautiful black woman.

In a viral video a dark skinned black woman exposed Chris Brown kicked her out a club for being too dark. The woman claims she got to the club with a light skinned friend and another white friend. Upon trying to enter she was allegedly stopped by Chris Brown. He allegedly allowed her two other friends to enter, then Chris Brown said “no darkies” to the dark skinned black woman.

She didn’t say his name in the video, but it was revealed later on social media she was allegedly talking about Chris Brown. Take listen to the video below.

Thankfully this black woman is mentally strong, so she didn’t let the alleged Chris Brown colorist “no darkies” comment affect her negatively. Rather she used it as motivation, and is able to speak confidentially about the sad situation.

This would explain why Chris Brown has never been seen dating a dark skinned woman if her story is true.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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