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TikTok User Felicia Monique Reveals Different Levels of Running in “Pleaser Heels” in Viral Video

Most people know how difficult and painful it is for women to walk around in heels. One of the staples of women’s fashion is also one of the most unhealthiest for their bodies physically in the long term. That’s why a video from TikTok user Felicia Monique revealing the different levels of running in “Pleaser Heels” is going viral.

According to the footage, Level 5 is Pleaser Heels and Concrete, Level 6 is Pleaser Heels and Asphalt, Level 7 is Pleaser Heels and grass/dirt, and Level 8 is Pleaser Heels and Rocks/Dirt. At all these levels Felicia Monique ran like Terminator.


This woman must have feet of steel, because one can only imagine how many takes it took for her to make each scene of this video. Just by looking at her feet crammed into those “Pleaser Heels”, you can imagine how uncomfortable they must be.

Watching this video makes you wonder what strippers must go through dancing around in heels like this for hours on end every night.

Author: JordanThrilla

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