Kim Kardashian is one of those celebrities who stays viral 24/7 mostly due to pictures, and the trend continued with her latest photoshoot. In the past Kim Kardashian has been accused of cultural appropriation by people claiming she tries to be a black woman, but now she’s facing accusations of trying to be a white woman again amidst those leaked texts from Kanye West about her alleged diarrhea issues.

Social Media Roasts Kim Kardashian’s Blonde Eyebrow Blonde Hair American Dream Photoshoot Accuses Her of Trying to Be a White Woman Again

In her latest photoshoot Kim Kardashian took pictures for the Interview Magazine September 2022 American Dream issue. In this strange montage of photos Kim Kardashian had blonde eyebrows and blonde hair making her look far from the exotic ethnic look she usually attempts to portray. For many people this served as proof that she does appropriate black culture, because they feel in this photoshoot Kim Kardashian is trying to be a white woman. She’s actually been facing those accusations ever since she began dating Pete Davidson, who she broke up with recently. In that sense people are saying she switches sides based on profit. Take a look at the reactions to Kim Kardashian’s blonde eyebrow American Dream photoshoot.

Some people even said Kim Kardashian looks like Aaron Carter in her American Dream photoshoot. Once you see it, it’s tough not to see it.

As you may or may not know recently some alleged leaked texts from Kanye West revealed that Kim Kardashian allegedly has diarrhea more often than the average person.

The blonde eyebrows, blonde hair, accusations of trying be a white woman again, the diarrhea allegations in leaked texts, it has truly been some strange times for Kim Kardashian in the eyes of many on social media.

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