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Did J Cole Get Knocked Out in Viral 2023 Texas Street Fight Video?

A video of a street fight in Texas involving a man who looks like rapper J. Cole has gone viral on the internet. The video shows a man, who bears a striking resemblance to the Grammy-winning artist, engaged in a fistfight with another man in the middle of a busy intersection in downtown Texas, near some bars and clubs.

Did the Real J. Cole Get Knocked Out in Texas?

The fight lasts for only a few seconds, as the J. Cole look alike is quickly knocked out by a single punch from his opponent, who then walks away calmly as if nothing happened. The video was captured by a bystander, who uploaded it online with the caption “J. Cole got knocked out in Texas”.

The video soon spread across various platforms, sparking confusion and curiosity among fans of J. Cole, who wondered if it was really him or not. Some speculated that it might be a publicity stunt, while others expressed concern for his well-being.

However, it was soon confirmed that the man in the video was not J. Cole, but a doppelganger who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The lack of security around the situation, should have been the giveaway.

The identity of the J. Cole look alike and his assailant are still unknown, as well as the reason for their altercation. The police have not been involved in the matter, and no charges have been filed.

The video has generated mixed reactions from the public, with some finding it amusing, some finding it disturbing that no one even tried to intervene. This has raised more questions about the safety and security of public spaces, especially at night, where such incidents can occur without any intervention or consequence.

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