Chicago Goons Crash Dead Enemy Funeral and Steal His Casket In Viral Video. Chicago Goons steal opp's casket from his funeral

The streets of Chiraq is a different place where beef between enemies often ends in casualties. It appears sometimes that beef can go so deep that knowing the enemy is dead isn’t enough. For example a viral video shows Chicago goons crashed their dead enemy’s funeral and stole his casket.

The videos starts from the moment several men rushed through the crowd then forcibly removed the casket. Frightened onlookers started to flee the scene just in case someone started shooting. For these Chicago goons to steal their opp’s casket from his funeral he must of have done something really bad to them in past. Still yet it seems so wrong to violate someone that is already dead.

The family of the person in that casket will probably never find peace now. They also have to live with the fear of any event held for their fallen family member being interrupted by the same people.

This situation just goes to show that some beefs never end in Chiraq, even when the enemy is already dead. They cycle of chaos just continues, and no one is ever fully satisfied sometimes.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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