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Kevin Love Stops Playing and Quits On Cavaliers on Live TV By Giving Ball to Other Team During Cavaliers vs Raptors

Is Kevin Love ready to retire? A strange moment from Cleveland’s most recent game has people wondering if he has completely mentally checked out. Kevin Love stopped playing and quit on live tv during Raptors vs Cavaliers.

The camera caught a frustrated Kevin Love nonchalantly throwing the ball inbounds to the opposing team, then holding his head down and walking around out of bounds. The moment had announcers shocked as they said “What is he doing” over and over again. In that moment it looked like Kevin Love lost his love for basketball.

This isn’t the first time Kevin Love had been visibly frustrated on the court with his Cavs team. Last time he almost broke his teammate’s fingers with an angry pass after he got mad at Collin Sexton for holding the ball too long.


Kevin Love is having another down year averaging only 11 ppg and 6 rpg. This was the same guy that was 18 and 10 guy during the Lebron era as a third option. However, he’s only playing about 23 minutes a game this season.

It seems very clear Kevin Love doesn’t like anything about playing in Cleveland anymore. He was probably expecting to be traded this season, but when it didn’t happen he slowly checked out mentally.

Someone free that man from the Cavaliers. It might be time for NBA fans to join together and pull out the “Free Kevin Love” shirts.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff