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Sixers Fan Throws Popcorn on Russell Westbrook Which Leads to Russell Westbrook Almost Fighting Sixers Fan

A heated moment during Wizards vs Sixers Game 2 almost turned into a Malice in Palace situation. The moment came as a Sixers fan threw popcorn on Russell Westbrook while he was walking to back to the locker room. What happened next almost turned into a nightmare situation on live tv.

Russell Westbrook almost fights the Sixers fan who threw popcorn on him, after he went into an instant fit of rage. It took about 6 or 7 security guards and Wizards staff to hold him back, but he still almost got through. It seems Westbrook was ready to run into the stands, and throw down. That’s probably the angriest anyone has ever seen him before.

That Sixers fan disrespected Russell Westbrook in one of the worst ways possible, so it’s easy to see why he reacted in such emotional fashion.

NBA officials ejected the Sixers fan who threw popcorn on Russell Westbrook., and it’s probably safe to say they will be banned from future games as well.

From a basketball stand point the worse thing you want to do in a playoffs situation is give the underdog extra motivation. Although Wizards are down 2-0, this series is far from over, and these two teams are more evenly match than meets the eye. Westbrook is going to be super intense next game, because of this incident.

That Sixers fan may have “poked the bear”, as Anthony Davis likes to say.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff