If you thought combat sports couldn’t get any more brutal than Bare Knuckle fighting, then you may have thought wrong. It’s no secret that when it comes to inventing strange fighting based sports international countries are much more creative than America. A perfect example is a brutal sport called ‘Phone Booth Fighting’.

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What is ‘Phone Booth Fighting’? Video of Brutal Combat Sport Goes Viral

Phone Booth fighting is a sport invented by Russia, that appears to be similar to MMA with one major difference. Instead of an octagon the fighters are trapped inside a phone booth. As you might expect this means the fighters can’t move around, and only have enough space to use their hands effectively. Under the circumstances the fighters are left with one option, which is to throw punches widely until their opponent is too hurt to continue.

The footage of a recent ‘Phone Booth Fighting’ event shows how brutal and dangerous this sport can be. The match only lasted a few seconds, but within that time of span one of the fighters had a large wound on their face, and looked disoriented like they there experience concussion symptoms. The sport seems to be more based on luck than skill, because it seemed like the fighters weren’t really using any techniques. Both were throwing wild punches like they were just trying to survive. What could go wrong?

The average life expectancy for a man in Russia is around 68 years. By comparison in the United States that number goes up to 76 years. With brutal sports like Phone Booth Fighting it’s easy to see why the life expectancy there is much lower than state side.

Hopefully those fighters are getting paid a lot of money to risk their lives like that.

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