Stephen Curry’s reaction to a reporter calling him “Wardell” is simply priceless. In his many years in the NBA everyone including his own family have addressed Curry by his middle name “Stephen”. Naturally Steph Curry was shocked when the reporter called him his first name “Wardell”.

Some people believe the announcer was being disrespectful, because he clearly knew he likes to addressed as Stephen Curry. Based on how Steph Curry reacts to hearing “Wardell” he might not have been too pleased with being called that name. Take a look.

The look on Stephen Curry’s face when the reporter said “Wardell” was that of someone who was ready unleash a beating. It was almost like he said “I know you didn’t just say that” in his mind. If you’ve seen that Insurance commercial you know Stephen Curry hates when people call him a name he is not used to hearing.

This might be the first and last time a reporter calls Steph Curry “Wardell”.

Author: JordanThrilla