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Dwyane Wade’s New Futuristic Li-Ning Sneaker Accused of Copying Kanye West’s Yeezy Design

Dwyane Wade’s shoe brand “Way of Wade” is facing a wave of criticism from fans who claim that it has copied Kanye West’s shoe design idea. The controversy started after Wade and NBA star D’Angelo Russell showcased a new futuristic ‘Way of Wade’ sneaker during a recent fashion show.

Did Dwyane Wade’s New Futuristic Li-Ning ‘Way of Wade’ Sneaker Copy Kanye West’s Yeezy Designs?

The sneaker, which has a bulky sole, a sock-like upper, and a futuristic ridges, bears a striking resemblance to West’s Yeezy 450 and Yeezy Foam RNNR models, which have similar shapes and aesthetics. Many people have accused Wade’s shoe company of lacking originality and creativity, and of trying to capitalize on West’s popularity and success in the shoe game.

West is widely regarded as one of the most influential and innovative figures in the fashion world. He has created several iconic and groundbreaking shoe designs that have revolutionized the sneaker industry. His Yeezy brand, which is a partnership with Adidas, is one of the most sought-after and profitable in the market.

Wade, on the other hand, is a former NBA champion and a legend in the basketball world. He launched his own shoe brand “Way of Wade” in 2012, in collaboration with Chinese sportswear company Li-Ning. His sneakers are mainly designed for performance and comfort, but he has also experimented with different styles and concepts over the years.

Wade has not yet commented on the accusations or explained the inspiration behind his sneaker. However, he has previously expressed his admiration for West and his impact on the culture and the industry. Interestingly both he and Kanye West call Chicago their home city, which makes Li-Ning’s choice of sneaker design even more suspect. Take a look.

Whether Wade’s sneaker is a copy or a tribute, it is clear that West’s influence on the fashion world is immense and undeniable. Many of the new shoe designs that are being released are either inspired by or similar to his creations. West has set the trends and standards for what is cool and desirable in the sneaker market.

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