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Video Showing Man on Jet Ski Leaving His Cheating Girlfriend in the Ocean Goes Viral

There’s no doubt that finding out your significant other is cheating can be one of the most emotional moments in life for many people. There have been endless cases where people do unthinkable things in a fit of rage when their mind is overflowing with emotions of betrayal. A perfect example is a viral incident between a man and his girlfriend that happened when they were in the middle of a deep ocean.

Video Showing Man on Jet Ski Dropping His Girlfriend in the Ocean After Catching Her Cheating Goes Viral

Being out on deep water is usually a safe experience, but it’s also dangerous due to the fact that your surrounded by the fluid on all sides. If anything goes down, and you can’t swim back to shore in time it can become a very scary situation. This is expounded when your a device like a jet ski, which you can easily fall off from. In most cases you wouldn’t want someone you cared for to fall into deep water under any circumstances. However, for one man cheating was the one thing that made him think differently about the safety of his significant other during their ocean adventures.

A scary video shows the man confronting his girlfriend about another guy named Dave while they were out on a jet ski. It’s not clear when he found out about her possible infidelity, but in the footage he seemed to be reacting like he had just learned about the other man. He repeatedly asked his girlfriend “who’s Dave, who’s Dave”, to which she replied “why does it matter” sounding real guilty. Since she refused to confess, he decided that she was no longer allowed to be on the jet ski with him. Just like that man left his girlfriend in the middle of the ocean, because she possibly cheated with Dave.

Hopefully that woman had on her life vest, because if she didn’t there’s high chance she might have drowned or come close to it. When she fell into the water you could see it was so deep that you couldn’t even see the ocean floor. When the camera panned around you could also see they were very far from the shore.

It would be interesting to know what the guy named Dave was thinking when he saw that video going viral.

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