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Was Don Lemon Preaching Communist Propaganda on Live TV During Rant About Discriminating Against Unvaccinated People?

Don Lemon’s rant about the COVID-19 Vaccine is going viral due to how extreme his take on things are. Around the internet people are saying Don Lemon was promoting communist propaganda on Live TV.

In this rant Don Lemon described how he feels laws should be put in place that discriminate against unvaccinated people. Don Lemon’s thinks unvaccinated people you shouldn’t be able to go shopping, go to sports games, go to work, or be denied service in other general activities. In essence Don Lemon is saying unvaccinated people shouldn’t be allowed to live as a normal human beings, and their lives should be ruined.

That ideology could be categorized as communist propaganda in some cases, which Don Lemon may or may not realize. What he said is the kind of thing you might here someone in a communist country like China recommending.

Considering his background and racial identity, you would think Don Lemon would be 100% against civil liberties being taken away from people. It’s seems a bit strange that there is a mass amount of people championing for people’s civil liberties to be taken away, because of their personal choice about what to put in their bodies.

Whether you for the COVID vaccine or against it, people should try understanding the decisions people make about their personal bodies, and respect it rather than trying to force people to do something to their bodies. NFL player Cole Beasley touched on this during his recent press conference.

Don Lemon’s idea of discriminating against unvaccinated people would probably be a dangerous approach to take, because it could lead to protests and civil unrest.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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