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Did Nets Fire Steve Nash Because of His Reaction to Kyrie Irving’s Amazon Movie Tweet? Viral Conspiracy Theory Explained

Recently Kyrie Irving posted an Amazon Prime Movie called ‘Hebrew to Negroes: Wake Up Black America’, which has been on their platform since 2018. The negative energy directed towards him in response to the tweet has been extreme, some people think even more intense than towards celebrities who were exposed for being racist towards black people for example. There are people who want Kyrie Irving waived from the Nets just for that tweet. Some people believe the media propaganda being used to destroy the reputations of Kyrie and Kanye could be proof there might be some truth to Ye’s conspiracy theories. Now Steve Nash has been fired, and some people think it may have to do with is reaction to Kyrie’s post on Twitter.

Did Nets Fire Steve Nash Because He Want To See Kyrie Irving’s Perspective of Why He Posted Amazon Movie ‘Hebrew to Negroes’?

As aforementioned Kyrie Irving posted a link to a movie called ‘Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America’, which allegedly talks about an opinion that Black Hebrews might be the original Jews. This movie has allegedly been on Amazon’s platform since 2018, and never received any kno public backlash until recently. Rather than people going at Amazon for having the movie on their platform, the anger has been directed towards Kyrie Irving despite the fact he made it clear he isn’t anti-Semitic. When Steve Nash was asked about Kyrie Irving’s post he chose not to condemn him, rather he took the diplomatic route of saying needed to study the movie himself since he never watched it, and also understand his perspective. Take a listen.


Now only about 24 hours after Steve Nash refused to condemn Kyrie Irving he was fired by the Nets. This came after their dominant win against the Pacers. To put in perspective how the media is going hard at tearing down Kyrie’s reputation take a look at this strange segment from ESPN. Many people feel they seem to have more negative energy towards Kyrie’s post than they did towards Robert Sarver, and other situations involving racism towards minorities.

Many people on social media believe the treatment that Kyrie Irving and Kanye West are getting despite their claims that they aren’t anti-Semitic could be a conspiracy theory unfolding right before our eyes, because of two black celebrities going against what the media wants people to believe. Musician Erica LeShai posted a video speaking on the possible conspiracy theory, which now has over 1 million views.

Kyrie Irving has since deleted the tweet sparked controversy, but during a press conference he doubled down on his ability to share anything he wants with his followers on social media.

Anti-Semitism or any form of prejudice towards any group of people shouldn’t be tolerated. However, it seems that some people feel in the situations involving Kyrie and Kanye the media is using the term out of context with an ulterior motive.

Is it possible Steve Nash was fired because he chose not to publicly condemn Kyrie Irving? The timing of everything is a bit sketchy, but his firing could also be due to KD’s offseason request and Nets poor start.