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Cole Beasley Goes On Pro-Choice vs Anti-Vaxxer Rant To Explain Why He Won’t Take COVID-19 Vaccine

Cole Beasley is a smart man, and he put his intelligence to use by writing a professional prepared statement to silence questions about the COVID-19 vaccine during his press conference. Cole Beasley went on an Pro-choice vs Anti-Vaxxer rant to explain why he won’t be taking the COVID Vaccine, and he made some pretty good points.

To make sure people couldn’t say Cole Beasley is an Anti-Vaxxer, he clarified that he neither for or against the vaccine, but is all about having a choice. He believes information is being held from players to persuade them into taking the COVID-19 vaccine despite their apprehension. He feels there needs to be complete transparency when talking about players health both in the short and long term.

Perhaps the most powerful moment was when Cole Beasley exposed the NFL is allegedly telling young players they will be cut if they don’t get the COVID Vaccine. He followed that statement by adding that when he asks doctors about the COVID-19 vaccine they always say “From what we know now”, which indicates they really don’t know much. Is it really safe to take a vaccine that no one knows what the long terms effects could be? That’s not to talk of the current deadly side effects it has been shown to cause.

As the war over COVID vaccines continues, it seems more and more celebrities are speaking out against it. The fact that it hasn’t been approved by the FDA, has been shown to have deadly side effects, and also has been shown to not work in many cases definitely leaves from for doubt. However, people need to respect people’s decisions on whether or not take it, because at the end of the day it’s your body and your choice.

Authors: JordanThrilla Staff