Today PS5 and Xbox Series X owners were greeted with an in game update marking the beginning of the much anticipated Season 7 of NBA 2k22. Based on reports from frustrated gamers around social media, the new season is wreaking havoc on some people in different ways.

People are Reporting Next-Gen NBA 2K22 Season 7 Update Causing Crashes and Glitches

For next-gen gamers the Season 7 Update was the kind that comes after you see that ‘update required’ message written in yellow at the bottom of the screen. On places like Reddit, Twitter, and Steam Communities there was a simultaneous increase of people experiencing glitches. Based on the complaints heard around social media, the glitches and crashes started to happen shortly after the Season 7 update. Here are some of the issues we have seen reported across social media.

Some people claim that after updating to next-gen NBA 2k22 Season 7 update they lost all their MyPlayer tattoos, or their character’s appearance was reset entirely. Some users have reported the Season 7 update causing players on the court be invisible in MyCareer games. We’ve seen complaints about Season 7 Update causing MyNBA mode to crash during free agency.

Some people are reporting Season 7 update is causing increased lag when playing Rec center mode. We’ve seen reports of people getting ‘Error code: 56d85bb8’ causing disconnects during Park and Rec center games. Also we have seen reports of Season 7 update causing NBA 2k22 not to launch or freeze upon startup. At the moment there doesn’t seem to be a fix to help those allegedly having issues, but it’s safe say 2K will probably rectify the situation soon.

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