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Video: Dwight Howard ‘These Nuts’ WWE Tryout Goes Viral

There’s no doubt that Dwight Howard is one of the most charismatic players in NBA history. He was one of those guys that everyone knew would make a great wrestler if he ever decided to take that career path, similar to Logan Paul. It seems Dwight Howard feels the same, because recently he crashed a WWE tryout and absolute nailed his performance.

Video: Dwight Howard ‘These Nuts’ WWE Tryout Goes Viral

WWE was holding tryouts for Summer Slam in Nashville today, but no one was expecting that Dwight Howard would show up. According to Arash Markazi Dwight Howard was a surprise participant, and when he spoke with him Dwight said he is legitimately pursuing a WWE career. The performance he put on shows that he would be a natural in the ring from day one if he is given the chance to get a real contract.

Based on the footage Dwight Howard wants his wrestling name to be ‘Shonuff’, and describe himself as the ‘shogun master’. The term shogun was used to reference military dictators in Japan during the 1185 to 1868 time period. Shoguns were appointed by Emperors, and were considered the real rulers of country while the emperor would be the figurehead.

Perhaps the funniest part of Dwight Howard’s WWE tryout was when he acted like he was talking trash to a rival wrestler saying ‘You want to take my belt? The only thing you’re going to win is these nuts’, then proceeded to pull out a bag of nuts and throw them across the stage. As he walked off he was met with a standing ovation from the audience.

Dwight Howard is still in great shape, and remains a fairly effective center in the NBA. However, he’s definitely a shell of player he once used to be. Perhaps his WWE tryout is a sign that he is inching closer to his inevitable retirement. If he plays his cards right he can still make millions in the WWE once those phones stop ringing with NBA contract offers.

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