Ever since George Floyd’s death many people have been trying to make sure his family lives a comfortable life from this point forward. It started with Barbra Streisand giving George Floyd’s family stock in Disney, but is now being taken the next level by Lil Wayne and Kyrie Irving.

According to a new Interview with Stephen Jackson, Kyrie Irving bought George Floyd’s family a house. Lil Wayne bought George Floyd’s family new Mercedes Benz to go along with the new crib. These are gifts that will ease the stress they are going through during Derek Chauvin’s on going trial.

When the George Floyd murder happened it touched people from all backgrounds, even people who usually align with conservatives. Everyone who saw the video knew Derek Chauvin was in the wrong for what he did to George Floyd. Everyone felt the pain his family was going through.

Kyrie Irving buying George Floyd’s family a house is one of the greatest gestures ever from an athlete in recent times. Lil Wayne buying George Floyd’s family a Mercedes Benz is one of the greatest gestures ever from a rapper in recent times. Barbara Streisand giving George Floyd’s family stock in Disney will help them build generational wealth, and could end up being the greatest gesture of all.

It’s good to see celebrities from different backgrounds looking out for George Floyd’s family.

Author: JordanThrilla

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